Chromebook: Building Skills

Wednesday 24th February 3:30-4:30pm at Hornby Primary School

Management of Chromebooks in the Classroom

Management of Chromebooks 2019

Teaching and Learning are impacted hugely by our organisation and provision of Technology. Our combined efforts ensure the technology provides an optimised affordance for learners. It is critical that the following is completed before deploying Chromebooks and/or beginning any in class support from the PLD team. (Manaiakalani: Technology Strand)

Chromebook Basics



Up Skill with the Digital Dig

Display Posters - Shortcuts

Chromebook Tips

Chrome management for you

For Chromebook Skills Building


Screencastify is an amazing tool that serves many purposes both for you and for your students.

  • Teachers may use it to explain or organise their class lessons.

  • Students can use it to share their learning or provide an insight into what they are thinking.

It is really daunting to use to begin with - some students feel much more comfortable than others, just like you. But it is an incredible tool and we should be capitalising on its use within learning.

Class on air teachers are amazing at doing this. Check them out by clicking on this link.

Screencastify Tips and Tricks



UM/TAT Top Tips - Sites Year 4 +
Copy of Blogging Basics: Getting Started