The Chromebook

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Bundle deal available to students from

Gilberthorpe School

Hornby Primary School

Hornby High School

South Hornby School

St Bernadette’s School

Wigram Primary School

Yaldhurst Model School

Belfast School

Mairehau High School

Marshland School

New Brighton Catholic School

Rāwhiti School

St Francis of Assisi School

Linwood College

Uru Mānuka Education Trust

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Purchase bundle includes

Acer C733 Chromebook

3 year manufacturer warranty

Bag - Targus Education Work-in Clamshell with 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Accidental Damage, Loss or Theft Insurance* for up to 3 years with $zero excess. Includes two Repair Claims and one Replacement

Payment in Full $555.00

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Payment details :

Uru Manuka Education Trust: ASB 12-3441-0091909-00

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Particulars (Student First Name)

Reference (School Name)

Code ( Student Surname)

WINZ Support Letter

WINZ may fund whānau for the device in some circumstances.

Please ask your school for more information.


Financing is available through Uru Manuka finance partner Finance Now (All finance is subject to Finance Now’s terms and conditions and approval criteria.)

Please contact your School for an application pack.

*An interest rate of 9.95% p.a, $25 establishment fee and a $1.80 monthly service fee apply.

(All finance is subject to Finance Now’s terms and conditions and approval criteria.)

Copy of learning device slides for parents

The model for the rest of 2020 is the Acer C733

The Acer C733 Chromebook is one tough learning device designed for our young people. Drop proof from 1.22m, crush proof up to 60kg, anti-pick & spill proof keyboard makes this ideal for the classroom:

Tech Specs: Intel Celeron N4000 / 1.1 GHz quad core processor, 11.6’ display, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, Chrome OS. Includes a three year manufacturer warranty, accidental breakage, loss and theft insurance and delivery.

Choosing the right Chromebook for our students is a rigorous process

Each year the Manaiakalani Procurement Committee test devices provided to the Procurement Committee and these are rigorously evaluated by teachers, students, hackers and consultants to identify the preferred device to meet student requirements. Recommendations are based on best-value specifications, affordability, and durability.

Google Management Console

The digital management console allows the school to manage the safety and access of the Chromebook, restricting it to keep the focus on the learning and increasing the protection of students from inappropriate internet material.

What we achieve with the console

  • maximised learning time

  • support for teacher dashboard

  • ability to configure the Chromebook (applications/extensions) to maximise learning

  • ability to set up the Chromebook for different age groups of learners

  • opportunity to prepare and organise the Chromebooks for learning.

  • configuration and usage reporting eg disk space, memory, who has used the device etc

  • we meet organisational due diligence requirements

  • we can spread updates over time for the network, avoiding slow periods when all devices update at once

  • we can set devices to use stable google releases (ensures greater uptime)

The settings we will look to make are:

  • Internet Safe Search on

  • Youtube safe search on

  • Incognito mode disabled

  • Teacher Dashboard App loaded

  • Other settings to allow for smoother integration with the school network

*conditions apply, please refer to the Accidental Damage, Loss or Theft Insurance policy document for full terms and conditions. Terms & Conditions.

Accidental Damage Insurance Policy

Link to Handout for Parents

Any Questions please contact

For all insurance inquiries please go to your school office.