In this group we have learners from Hornby High School and Hornby Primary School. Students in this group are Years 5, 6, 7 & 8.

We will be trying to solve problems in our cluster around Smart Relationships while establishing our own smart relationships with blog buddies.

Teacher notes here.

Our Blogs

What is a blog/Why do we Blog?

Take the time to unpack these resources - you have one session in class to do this, but can complete or continue with this work whenever/wherever you can!

How can you make a difference?

Using the bug list that we created last week, select a 'bug' to try and solve with your Cybersmart buddy over the term. Remember that this Term our focus is on Smart Relationships.

On your blog record what you already know about the problem, what you need to learn about in regards to the problem, and where you are going to find the information you need?

Record the problem, your buddy and your blog post on the Padlet below.

Class Groups

Cybersmart Project
Cybersmart Design Process

Tracking sheet in your Cybersmart Folders

Master Comment Tracker - for students