Smart Learner

Ngā Ākonga

Smart learners are at home in a digital world

Smart Learners understand and demonstrate responsible use of their device as described in the Kawa of Care Responsible Use Student Agreement. They Confidently navigate and harness their device and learning applications and are mindful that being Cybersmart is staying up-to-date with our Cybersmart Curriculum.

Teaching New 1:1 Chromebook Students Lesson Outline.

2019 Kawa of Care - Uru Manuka

First Lesson

(In some cases taken by Teacher before first Cybersmart session with Miss Morgan )

See above teaching outline.

We are learning to: Sign in and out of our Chromebooks, Carry Chromebooks with Care, Know where & how to put my device, and to know that my teacher can help me through Hapara.

Second Lesson

We are learning: how to access my drive and create a doc in the correct folder.

Teachers please take lots of photos! And share them on your Class Site or Blog!

Miss Morgan - All About Me
Smart Learner: Things I know

Third Lesson

Recap - What do we now know?

We are learning to: access our emails, send an email and use multiple tabs.

Fourth Lesson

We are learning to: use short cuts to be more efficient on our devices.

Smart Learner - Shortcut keys
Posting to our Blogs

Fifth Lesson

We are learning to: screenshot a doc and put it onto our blog.

UM Quality Blog Post Rubric

Sixth Lesson

We are learning to: make sure we have permission for the images we use. (Google Slides)

Google Drawing: About Me
Google Drawing: All About Me!

Seventh Lesson

We are learning to: make sure we have permission for the images we use. (Google Drawing)

Eighth Lesson

We are learning to: use Google Drawing for Tracing.

Smart Learners - Google Drawings