Smart Learner

Ngā Ākonga

Smart learners are at home in a digital world

Smart Learners understand and demonstrate responsible use of their device as described in the Kawa of Care Responsible Use Student Agreement. They Confidently navigate and harness their device and learning applications and are mindful that being Cybersmart is staying up-to-date with our Cybersmart Curriculum.

Teaching New 1:1 Chromebook Students Lesson Outline (For students who have never used a Chromebook before)

2020 Planning Smart Learner & Literacy

Using Shortcut Keys to Create an Animation!

Lesson 1 3/4/5/6 CB - Rewindable Resource - Shortcut Keys and Animation

🤩🤩Level up by - Adding speech or story sentences (think about how long you will need to read the text and duplicate the exact slide at least 5 times).

🤩🤩🤩Level up by - Drawing or tracing your own images in google draw and then using these in your animations

How do Chromebooks get Damaged?

2019 Kawa of Care - Uru Manuka
Kawa of Care Break Down 2020

Recapping Shortcuts & Creating Storyboards...

Shortcut Speed Test
Kawa of Care Story Board Template - Make a Copy

How Well do you Know your Chromebook?

How well do you know your chromebook?

What are all the Gadgets on my Blog?

Posting to our Blogs

Who Owns the Images Online?

Who Owns the Images Online 2020

Moving Images... I like it!

Moving images... create a gif!