iPads: Building Skills

Wednesday 17th February 3:30-4:30pm at Hornby Primary School

Manaiakalani iPad Site: http://ipads.manaiakalani.org

Management of iPads in a Classroom

Management of iPads 2019

Teaching and Learning are impacted hugely by our organisation and provision of Technology. Our combined efforts ensure the technology provides an optimised affordance for learners. It is critical that the following is completed before deploying iPads and/or beginning any in class support from the PLD team. (Manaiakalani: Technology Strand)

Explain Everything & Google Drive

Depending on how your school is set up learners may have their own google account and therefore their own drive OR you may have a class account and class drive. Students will need to be logged in on their iPads for whatever setting your school has determined.

Example of a Class Drive Folder.

Explain Everything provides an interactive, screencasting whiteboard, enabling both the teacher and learner to create and share learning artefacts. The App also enables the teacher to design and personalise learning which can be recorded, rewound and shared.

Explain Everything Lesson Example

1:1 iPads: Compound Words
Learning Words Have You Heard About Compound Words Phonics Kids Songs Jack Hartmann.mp4
Katie's Butterfly.mp4

Tip: Use Clip Grab to download Youtube or Vimeo Clips so that you can share them onto your site without students having access to the WWW.

Google Site

Year 0-3 Google Site Top Tips

"the most effective teachers (judged by high rates of progress and levels of achievement) use the Learn-Create-Share pedagogy, designing challenging, relevant, thought-provoking and open-ended tasks, to promote students’ choice (agency and self-regulation) and collaboration. Importantly, they use the affordances of the digital environment to prepare a range of learning resources and opportunities to stimulate learning which is connected across the curriculum content. Their use of class sites to make learning and teaching visible further supported students’ agency but importantly freed up teacher time which they used to engage adaptively with individuals and groups."

Professor Stuart McNaughton, New Zealand's first Chief Education Scientific Advisor

Scratch Jr.

What is Scratch Jr?

How to Share a Scratch Jr.

To be able to share a project iPads will need to have Screen Recording turned on. This can be done through the settings and then control centre. Students then need to be taught how to use the control centre to turn on and off the screen recording function.

Note: Screen recording shares the sound recorded on the app but not the sound recording from outside the iPad.

Sharing & Commenting

Progression of Digital Fluency NE-Yr6
Commenting Progression


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