Family & Whānau

Nau mai, haere mai, talofa lava, welcome families and whanau of Uru Mānuka cluster learners. Links on this page will give you more detailed information about the Uru Mānuka programme running in our cluster of schools, and access to resources that will support you to help your child with their Chromebook and their learning.

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Supporting Cybersmart Learning at Home

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Our students and teachers are in digital immersion learning environments. See the slide on the right to help understand what this means for our learners.

Students are taught to be efficient and smart when they are online. They are also taught about how to create and maintain positive relationships in the online world we live in.

The goals of our project centre around four main themes: Our students are Connected, Visible, Empowered, and have Ubiquity in their learning.

2018 What is Digital Immersion?
2018 Cyber Smart

The world around us continues to make advances in technology and innovation. Our children are growing up in a world where using the internet and using Chromebooks is a part of everyday life. In 1998, Google was founded. In December 2003, iTunes had sold 25 million songs. Facebook was created in February 2004. Dates not too far from your children's year of birth - they live in a different world to you and I. The internet is going to continue to develop and it is important that students develop a range of skills so that they can confidently discern appropriate information. The CyberSmart Curriculum is how our cluster teaches students these skills.

The Outreach Research

All Manaiakalani Schools share our achievement data with the Woolf Fischer Research team. This data helps to support our understanding of teacher practise and what things we as a cluster can do to help accelerate our learners.

2018 Research

The Uru Mānuka school’s cluster is being supported by the Manaiakalani Outreach - Connected Communities Programme. Huge thanks to Toki Ponamu for providing the basics for the presentations below.